Tales from our Farm

We like to keep busy here at Fairview! Be it harvest, kidding season or the release of  a brand new cheese, we always have plenty of news to share and this is where you’ll find it!
  • When it comes to winemaking, after grapes, oak is the most important (and expensive) component of many wines, having a crucial impact on the quality and final outcome. Last ye

  • Did you know that our Tasting Room is the most popular cheese and wine destination in the Cape winelands? Building on a reputation that stretches back in history, Cyril and Be

  • When it comes to winemaking, the first and most crucial ingredient is grapes. Without them, there would be no wine! The collection of these grapes is called harvest, and it is

  • The newest addition to Fairview’s growing assortment of popular, handcrafted White Rock cheeses is Mango & Ginger. Mild and semi-soft, White Rock cheese dreamily complemen

  • You could say there is a trend permeating among local winemakers, and it is a very positive one at that. After centuries of keeping close to traditionally classic, cooler clim

  • It’s harvest time at the farm, and things are in full swing at the moment! This week we catch our winemakers Anthony, Stephanie and Annette in a moment of respite betwee

  • Tired of fruitcake imprisoned in marzipan? With Fairview’s delectable offering, you can create a trendy, tiered tower of artisanal cheese rounds that are stacked and decorated

  • Love is in the air at Fairview and we want to help you spoil your special someone! Why not share some bubbles with the one who make your eyes sparkle? We recommend our Fairvie

  • We’re thrilled to share that Fairview’s Charles Back has been awarded the 1659 Wine Industry Medal of Honour for 2017! In his acceptance speech, Charles stated tha

  • With thousands of grape varieties out there, about 1,300 of which are used to make wine commercially, we don’t blame you if you find it tricky to identify your Pinot Noir’s fr

  • At Fairview, our vision is to become a self-sufficient, working farm. We are steadily working towards ensuring that everything we need for the restaurant, tasting room, shop a

  • Run by talented Chef SJ Nel and warm-hearted Restaurant Manager Shannon Riley, Fairview’s beloved country-style eatery, the Goatshed, received a recent revamp at the end

  • Do cheese shops and carts intimidate you? Where do you even begin when it comes to fancy cheeses? That’s okay! As with any niche, it can be truly overwhelming to figure out th

  • With thousands of grape varieties out there, about 1,300 of which are used to make wine commercially, we don’t blame you if you find it tricky to identify your Pinot Noir’s fr

  • 35 years after our famous Goat Tower was first built, Charles Back and team decided to create a bigger, more exciting playground for the most important members on the farm, th

  • We’re all ready to welcome you this festive season! You might be aware that we’ve had road works on our road all year to ensure a safer road for our patrons, but a

  • We’re celebrating! We’ve been working hard to make our offering available to you even after you’ve left our cellar doors. Today marks the launch of our brand new website and o

  • With everything we do here on the farm – whether it’s rearing our beloved goats to provide us with the creamiest milk to make our range of Chevin rolls, or kneading out dough

  •   “Our 6th Addition to the Single Vineyard Range” One of the key philosophical traits Fairview has orientated itself around is to always push the boundaries of tra

  • In the early 80s, Charles set off on a trip to Portugal. The goal was to visit the cork industry, as the montado landscape of Portugal produces approximately half the cork har

  • With a name as enticing as its delicate rose petal hue, we are proud to introduce a more serious style of rosé wine, the Fairview Rose Quartz 2016! South Africa’s vineyard lan

  • Here’s a story many have asked to hear, but I’ve shared with few. The story of how I lost my thumb. As an individual, I’ve always loved being right in the heart of the action

  • Sometime in the 90s, Charles was jogging along the road in the South Coast town of Vermont near Hermanus, when he spotted Nelson Mandela standing on the stoep of celebrated So

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