The Real Cheesecake

The Real Cheesecake

Tired of fruitcake imprisoned in marzipan? With Fairview’s delectable offering, you can create a trendy, tiered tower of artisanal cheese rounds that are stacked and decorated to create your perfect wedding cake.

Choose from a delicious selection of Grand Brie, Vintners Brie, White Rock with Cranberries, Blue Rock, Roydon, Crottin cheese and so much more… Some of the cheeses are also available with a touch of pepper or cumin, or even, sweet pear and caramel. Whichever you prefer, Fairview can assist you with selecting the right combination of cheeses for your special occasion. As a leading South African artisanal cheese producer, Fairview offers a wide range of locally and internationally awarded goat and cow’s milk options. All Fairview cheeses are crafted in the Vineyard Cheesery located on our farm.

Once you’ve chosen your cheeses, all that remains is to decorate your tiered cake. Luckily, wedding cheese towers are very easy to decorate. You can add anything from beautiful flowers, crackers, fresh fruits, a selection of nuts, freshly baked breads, preserves or even cold meats. For homemade traditional preserves, condiments, sauces and syrups that will pair beautifully with the cheese, you can visit our Fairview Deli on the farm. A great thing about the cheese tower is that you don’t have to wait until the end of your wedding reception to cut your wedding cake. Cut the cheese rounds early and create a towered cheese board that guests can enjoy throughout the reception.

The cheeses must be ordered 4 to 6 weeks in advance to ensure your cheeses are perfectly ripe and ready on the day of your wedding. Collect your cheese order at Fairview where you can also get a range of award-winning wines and fresh country deli preserves.

For more information on Fairview’s selection of cheeses and to place your cheese order, please contact or on +27 21 863 2450. Read more on our website here.