Fairview’s Winning Label Designs

Fairview’s Winning Label Designs

Bloemcool Wine Label Design Award 2017

We are so proud to announce our winning labels from this year’s 2017 Wine Label Design Awards! Our Fairview Extraño came in with a Bronze medal, while our new Bloemcool Range shined with a Silver award. Both labels were designed by the very talented team at Jane Says Design, headed up by Victoria Peter.

According the Winemag.co.za, the Wine Label Design competition seeks “to reward the best design and packaging for bottled wine made in South Africa and judging criteria include originality of concept, execution, shelf appeal and effectiveness as a piece of communication”. The news came on Wednesday, 29th March, and the results were warmly received at the Fairview farm.

Fairview’s Extraño received a face lift late last year, drawing on inspiration from the Spanish varieties of used for this powerful red blend. The label is a carefully executed melange of Spanish-styled typography, using a vibrant colour palate of gold and red. The main icon is a peacock fanning its tail feathers on the label, which harks back to the tale of when we spotted a ‘stranger’ floating through the jumble of our old Tempranillo vines. Inspired by this monarchical peacock – who has now made a home among our vineyard – our winemakers have carefully tamed Tempranillo’s temperamental streak by integrating fellow Hispanic varieties Grenache and Carignan.

In quite sharp contrast, the Bloemcool labels – our newest range also released last year April – is a very clean and minimal design. The range takes its name from Bloemcoolfontein (meaning ‘cauliflower fountain’ directly translated from Dutch), which was the original name of the Fairview farm before the Back family took ownership. Drawing on our heritage, the diamond shaped label is made out of handmade, recycled paper with cauliflower seeds embedded into it. The idea is to plant the label once the bottle of wine is finished, and to grow your very own bloemkool (cauliflower) at home, encouraging a sustainable approach to the range, which uses recycled bottles and minimizes printing by not including back labels.

The Extraño and the Bloemcool range are both available on our online store: https://www.fairview.co.za/shop/

Extrano Wine Label Design Award 2017