The Sweetest Mother’s Day Yet | La Beryl Blanc

Fairview Beryl Back

The Sweetest Mother’s Day Yet | La Beryl Blanc

Fairview Mother's Day Beryl Blanc

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is swooshing by as swiftly as it has so far! As April comes to a close and May begins, we’re checking our calendars in disbelief. A date that one should always be prepared for is Mother’s Day, coming up steadily on Sunday, 14th May.

Since 1937, Fairview has been a family-run business, currently being nurtured by owner Charles Back. Charles always warmly reminisces on how Fairview has grown from strength to strength, explaining that it would not have been so if it wasn’t for his father Cyril and mother Beryl’s constant support, virtue and nurturing nature.

Cyril and Beryl Back were the lifeline of Fairview for many decades, from bottling independently and initiating the Cape’s first public wine auction in 1974, to starting a dairy herd in 1980. As Charles joined to work on the farm in 1978, it was thanks to his parents support that the farm has grown as it has. Whenever the name of Beryl is brought up around the farm, people who knew her respond with a smile and remember her so fondly. She was always there – first thing in the morning cutting cheese for a tasting to pouring wine in our Tasting Room and sharing her many stories. She was even a talented artist, and painted the mural at the Fairview entrance. Today, the garden in front of the Tasting Room is in memory of Charles’s parents, and the Master Tasting room is called the Beryl Back Tasting Room.

After Beryl’s passing, Charles made the La Beryl Blanc to honour his late mother, creating a traditional straw-dried sweet wine that is fragrant, succulent and with balanced finesse. A labour of love, the dessert wine has gone on to win multiple awards, including being in the Top 100 and receiving 5-star Platter ratings!

Why not include La Beryl Blanc as an extra sweet gift for your mom, this Sunday, Mother’s Day (14th May)?
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The Fairview Main Entrance garden, dedicated in loving memory to Cyril and Beryl back

Catching Beryl pouring Fairview wine for a tasting

The original mural at the Fairview entrance painted by Beryl

Fairview Mother's Day Beryl Blanc

The Beryl Back Tasting Room