Giving Back to the Environment

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Giving Back to the Environment

Fairview is a third generation family owned farm and so naturally, there is a strong relationship between those who own and work the vineyards, and the very land that provides us with our raw materials. Fairview is committed to the preservation of the local environment, and has various measures in place to ensure that our farming and production practices are up to or exceeding the standards set by local and international authorities.

South Africa is a country rich in natural resources and biodiversity, which is one of the key areas of attraction for international tourism. However it is also a country that has traditionally been strongly agriculture-oriented and reliant. The key challenge going forward lies in managing the future sustainability of these two sometimes conflicting aspects of our modern society. Many groups within the South African wine industry have long since recognised this challenge, and have been pro-active in pursuing eco-friendly farming methods and practices. Fairview is committed to participate in initiatives that include the following:

Integrated Production of Wine (IPW)

South Africa is the only country in the world to have such an initiative on a national level. The IPW is in place to ensure that grape and wine producers are responsible for their immediate natural environment. An extensive set of vineyard and cellar standards are regularly monitored by way of internal audits and independent auditing. The IPW is not a system of enforcement, but rather a commitment from individual producers to take responsibility for their practices. For more information on IPW visit

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Biodiversity in Wine (BWI)

One of the key WOSA (Wines of South Africa) initiatives in the international promotion of South African wine has been the campaign highlighting the biodiversity of the Western Cape. The region is one of the world’s few floral kingdoms: an area covering just 0.05% of the earth’s surface and it is home to roughly 3% of the earth’s plant species. Fairview’s commitment to being a BWI member includes not planting or uplifting any vineyards where natural Fynbos exists, maintaining a management agreement with Cape Nature Conservation (who oversees the Fynbos areas), conserving the water resources on the farm and ensuring safe and sustainable practices in the cellar. For more information on BWI visit

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Sustainable Wine South Africa

From the 2010 vintage, all wine producers who are members of both the IPW and BWI are allowed to include the Integrity & Sustainability seal to their wines. This seal certifies that the wine comes from a sustainable and eco-friendly source – traceable from vineyard to cellar. This initiative is unwritten by Wines of South Africa (WOSA), the Wine and Spirit Board, BWI and IPW. For more information visit

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The future for Fairview

Since 2010, all our wines have carried the Integrity & Sustainability seal. This certifies that we are committed to the agreed standards set by the four organisations involved.

Fairview aims to:

  • Uphold the standards set by the participating organisations.
  • Use environmentally-friendly products, in both the vineyard and cellar.
  • Continue the eradication of alien vegetation on the property – both in agricultural and natural areas.
  • Plant of indigenous grasses and plants in the vineyards to prevent soil erosion, improve soil condition and create corridors for the safe movement of natural fauna.
  • Reduce the carbon emissions in the vineyard and cellar.
  • Ensure safe working conditions for all our workers.
  • Commit to continued water conservation.
  • Keep records of the indigenous fauna and flora on the property.
  • Continue to insist on participation in these initiatives from our contractors.
  • Further education and training


Charles Back, our humble owner of Fairview, says Fairview will continue working towards becoming a greener, more environmentally aware business. “The company will strive towards innovation and education in the interest of protecting the environment for future generations.”

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