Nurok Moroccan Evening | Goatshed Dinner #2

Fairview Nurok Moroccan Dinner

Nurok Moroccan Evening | Goatshed Dinner #2

Fairview Goatshed Dinners 2018

Our second Goatshed Dinner is coming up on the 8th June 2018: The Nurok Moroccan Evening!

This year, we’ve decided to introduce a strong relationship between the food and wine pairings by complementing the Goatshed dinners to our most food-focused wine range, the Regional Revival Range.

The Regional Revival Range consists of the following 6 wines:
1. Fairview Brut MCC
2. Fairview Drie Papen Fontein
3. Fairview Nurok
4. Fairview Homtini
5. Fairview Extrano
6. Fairview Caldera

Each wine from our Regional Revival range has an exciting story to tell, and a veritable feast to go with it, with a specific wine region in mind. Our second dinner is all about Nurok – a true labour of love. Charles Back tells the story:

“My wife, Diane, whose painting is depicted on the front label, is descended from the Nurok family, originally from Lithuania. At the end of the 17th century, Lithuanians were taking on the Catholic faith and built a cathedral in Siauliai in celebration. A heavy bell being transported to the cathedral fell into a frozen river, and the locals could not retrieve it. A young boy named Wulf dived into the river, attached a rope to the bell and, with some help, hauled it onto the riverbank. Refusing all reward, Wulf asked that the Jews be allowed to return to Siauliai. His wish was granted, and the citizens bestowed on him the name Nurok, meaning diver. From then on, he and his descendants were known by this name, and there was harmony between Christians and Jews. This admirable example of religious tolerance and mutual respect serves as one of the cornerstones of our philosophy at Fairview. This wine pays homage to the revered blends of the Old World.”

Nurok is one of our most acclaimed award-winning wines. In 2017, it won a 90 Tim Atkin score, 4.5 star Platter rating, and 92-points in the Winemag White Blend Award! Thanks to the oak on this beautiful white blend, it complements spicy and rich food incredibly well, so we’ve opted to pair it with Moroccan-inspired dishes.

Here is a breakdown of the menu you can expect to enjoy on the evening:


Flat breads from the wood-fire oven, olive oil & rosemary
Khobz Kesra – Traditional Moroccan bread
Spiced carrot & chickpeas
Lemon & olive chicken drumsticks
Spicy Roast pepper dip
Eggplant salad

First Starter
Masala spiced line fish, lentil & chickpea cakes & Chermoula

Second Starter
Saffron and cumin potato curry, Poppadums & Labneh

Main Course
Lamb shoulder, apricot Cous Cous

Almond cake,  date preserve & cinnamon custard


R325 per person
Wine Pairings included

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Fairview Nurok Moroccan Dinner