Drie Papen Fontein Curry Evening | Goatshed Dinner #4

Fairview Drie Papen Fontein

Drie Papen Fontein Curry Evening | Goatshed Dinner #4

Goatshed Dinner 2018


Situated on the tiny, uninhabited Dassen Island, stands a lone red and white striped lighthouse, attracting only the icy Atlantic winds that sweep by into the hilly slopes of Darling. Brushing right past the grazing woolly merino sheep, who claimed this land as their first South African pastures, the wind collides with the three granitic mountain rocks which are silhouetted against the sky like the mitre’s of three popes. Introducing Drie Papen Fontein.

Revealed in 2016, Drie Papen Fontein has become a firm favourite of our Regional Revival Range. Its beautiful story is carefully depicted on the front label, illustrating the lighhouse, sheep and pope’s mitres. Drie Papen is also no doubt one of our most food friendly wines, and it is for this reason that we’re putting it front row and centre at our 4th Goatshed Dinner, coming up on the Friday, 13th July 2018: The Drie Papen Fontein Curry Evening.

In case you haven’t heard, this year we’ve decided to introduce a strong relationship between the food and wine pairings, by complementing the Goatshed dinners to our most food-focused wine range, titled the Regional Revival Range.

The Regional Revival Range consists of the following 6 wines:
1. Fairview Homtini
2. Fairview Nurok
3. Fairview Drie Papen Fontein
4. Fairview Caldera
5. Fairview Brut MCC
6. Fairview Extrano

With the Fairview Homtini and Nurok dinner’s behind us, this dinner places focus on the newest member of the range, Drie Papen Fontein. Drie Papen Fontein is made in a white Bordeaux blend style, primarily made of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. It complements a wide variety of food, but we’ve decided to connect the story and pair it with Cape Malay style cuisine. We have no doubt the pairing will be welcome in the heart of winter, with warm, fiery food, plenty of wine, a cosy restaurant and most importantly, good company.


Here is a breakdown of the menu you can expect to enjoy on the evening:

First starter
Onion bhajis, spiced aubergine dip
Butternut samoosa, sweet chilli yogurt
Bobotie springroll, turmeric aioli
Mango atchar chicken Roti
Curried and pickled fish pots

Second starter
Cauliflower and potato Tarkari, lentil cake & fried paneer

Main course
Mutton curry with tomatoes, garlic and garam masala with Basmati rice, sambals & poppadum

Saffron sabayon with roasted fruit, cardamom cake and toasted almonds


R325 per person
Wine Pairings included

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