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Our Ultimate Baked Camembert

baked camembert

Our Ultimate Baked Camembert

baked camembert

Winter time calls for blankets.
And heaters.
And red wine.
And cheese!

At Fairview, it should come as little surprise that we absolutely love our cheese. And in winter, there are few things better than melted Camembert. Camembert is a milk based, light yellow coloured cheese that is said to have been invented in a Normandy village of the same name in the late 1700s by a French farmer named Marie Harel. At our Fairview Cheese Factory based right opposite the Fairview Tasting Room here in Paarl, we have opted to make three different kinds of Camembert, to make sure everybody’s palates are satisfied.

Fairview Camembert

1) Fairview Ripe & Ready Camembert
Made using Jersey cows’ milk, this cheese has a mild and creamy texture and characteristic savoury flavour. The best part about this cheese is that it is ready to enjoy as soon as you purchase it. So don’t worry if you have left it to the last minute to stock up for your cheeseboard!

2) Traditional Camembert
A traditional recipe is used to produce this Camembert. The firm texture at beginning of shelf life will change to a soft and bulging texture towards end of shelf life. The flavour intensifies with age to a characteristic earthy, mushroom aroma.

3) Roydon Camembert
Our Fairview’s flagship cheese, Roydon Camembert is crafted using a secret, traditional recipe and is named in honour of one of our earlier cheesemakers. It is produced in the traditional French method, with a dash of our goats’ milk to give farmhouse flavour and characteristics.

If you’re going to have some guests around for wine, we recommend whipping one of our favourite recipes below up as a quick crowd-pleaser. Absolutely delicious, and made best with our Roydon Camembert.

PS. You can eat the rind of camembert. It’s good for you! Made from penicillium candidum, the white moldy rind is perfectly edible, and plays a key role in the aging process that produces the cheese’s ooey gooey delicious insides.

baked camembertbaked camembert Fairview Camembert

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