FAQ Plant Based Cheese
Where did the plant-based concept start for Fairview?

We realized that our customer base was evolving and ever-changing so we wanted to cater to these changes in preference and dietary and allergen requirements by introducing alternatives that could fulfil this need.

What is it made from?

We use non hydrogenated coconut oil for all our plant based cheeses, from there different varieties of starches are added for grateability and nature identical flavours and natural colourants are added for variance.

How do we flavour the cheeses?

We use nature-identical flavours, these are human-made aroma compounds that are chemically identical to some substances that can be found in nature.

How does the fat content compare to dairy cheese?

It is almost on par or up to 10% less per serving as compared to dairy cheese. These fats are vegetable based and not animal based so their cholesterol content is not comparable to dairy cheese as plant-based cheese does not contain natural cholesterol or trans fats.

Does it melt like dairy cheese?

Plant based cheeses contain solids in the form of starches, because these ingredients do not change in viscosity or nature with temperature, the meltability will be affected as the fats change to liquid form in high temperatures but the starches remain in solid state. The meltability can be described as a ‘spreading’ at high temperatures in our softer cheese varieties and our hard cheese grills exceptionally well.

How is the cheese made?

We use a high shear process where we combine and homogenize coconut fat, starches and flavourants at high speeds and variable temperatures until the fats, starches and moisture have reached full hydration and have been fully emulsified and the grit is no longer detectable.

Is the plant based cheese halaal/kosher ?

Yes! Our processing as well as packing conforms to all halaal and Parev requirements.

Why is plant-based cheese a healthier alternative?

Our plant based cheese is slightly lower in fat than its dairy counterparts and contain fibre from the added starches. Our cheese are also free from bacteria and allergy free.

What are the benefits of eating plant-based cheese?

These cheeses are free from hormones and lactose. Lactose allergies affect up to 65% of people, we advise using these cheeses as you would dairy cheddar and to consume as part of a balanced diet.

FAQ's Plant Based Ice Cream
What is it made from?

We use plant based fats from nuts and coconut as well as oat milk to manufacture our plant based ice cream.

Who will buy these products?

Vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians as well as customers with milk and lactose allergies, customers fasting from dairy for lent or for specific days like Shabbat.

Can you melt the ice cream and refreeze it ?

Our ice creams contain more solids than dairy ice cream and therefore have a higher resistance to melting but we advise following the storage instructions for best results.

What are the benefits of eating plant-based ice cream?

Our Ice cream contains more fibre for reduced impact on blood sugar, contains no wheat or gluten products and only 17% added sugars. This along with no added hormones means it can be well integrated into a balanced diet. In addition Oat Milk is considered the plant based milk alternative with the lowest environmental impact due to its low water requirements and high crop yield.