True-to-nature Dairy

From pasture to plate, we strive to bring you a selection of award-winning artisanal cheeses and  dairy products. 

The tale of our Fairview Dairy has its beginning in France, when Cyril and his wife Beryl Back travelled the country. Here, they fell in love with the richly flavoured goats’ milk cheeses produced on a number of the wine farms that they visited. Upon returning to Paarl, they began investigating the possibility of starting South Africa’s first goats’ milk cheesery. In 1980, the first Saanen goats arrived at the farm and in 1995 the Cheesery took a significant step forward thanks to two key events. Louis Lourens joined Fairview as Head Cheesemaker and Jersey cows’ milk cheese production was introduced. The rest is history, with Fairview Cheese being a leading South African artisanal cheese producer.

All dairy produced by Fairview are made from the cows that graze Fairview’s lands. We love them like our own so you can taste the difference.