La Capra

Travellers who have visited the Fairview farm will know that there is always a great story behind the wines of Charles Back. And so it is that the La Capra range – good value wines from the Fairview cellar – have a tale of their own to tell.

One springtime, many years ago, a weary traveller arrived at the Fairview cellar door, his unique three-wheeled motorcycle giving a final salutary backfire as it came to rest near the tasting room. His name was Attila Balèbôs, and he had a rather vague claim to common ancestry with the Backs (from somewhere deep in the Balkans).

Being an affable and hospitable man, Cyril Back (Charles’ late father) invited him to stay for a few days, which he did; declining a room in the house in favour of bedding down on his woven mat in one of the goat sheds.

Charles Back was a young man at the time and soon struck up a friendship with Attila, enjoying his long and somewhat sozzled tales of adventures around the world. The two shared their passion for life, music, good food and new experiences, and spent many an evening in the old goat shed or barrel cellar, drinking Fairview wine and devising grand plans.

To repay the Backs for their hospitality, Attila joined Charles during the day, working in the heat of the vineyards and around the cellar, where his shaky gait betrayed his fondness for Shiraz straight from the barrel. He and Charles would share lunches of fresh bread, cheeses and a small glass of white wine between the vines before returning to their hard labour.

One morning, before the sun had crept over the mountains, Attila was gone, and was never to be seen again. The rusting relic of his bike, which stands silent on the farm, conjures his memory. This was the inspiration for La Capra and the label that celebrates life, new friends, and great wine.

La Capra Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Tropical and passion fruit aromas on the nose, with a smooth, rounded mouthfeel, well–balanced acidity and lingering aftertaste on the palate. | LA-CAPRA-SAUVIGNON-BLANC-2016.pdf

La Capra Malbec 2015

Purple-red in the glass, with sweet ripe blackcurrant on the nose. Hints of violet follow through to the juicy, spicy palate. Flavours of cherry and currant linger on the finish. | LA-CAPRA-MALBEC-2015.pdf
FV La Capra Malbec 2015 btl

La Capra Merlot 2015

Soft ripe red fruit with hints of mint on the nose are followed by a well-rounded palate filled with plum fruit. The wine boasts a well-integrated acidity and polished tannins. | LA-CAPRA-MERLOT-2015.pdf

La Capra Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Intense dark berries, tobacco and cedar characterise this bright wine. Fresh fruit burst on the palate, well-balanced with supple texture and smooth cassis finish. | 2013-La-Capra-Cabernet-Sauvignon-.pdf
2013 La Capra Cabernet Sauvignon Pack shot

La Capra Pinotage 2014

Perfumed plums on the nose lead to ripe berries on the palate, with a gentle texture and refreshing fruit acidity. Soft tannins and a hint of spice linger on the finish. | LA-CAPRA-PINOTAGE-2014.pdf
La Capra Pinotage 2014

La Capra Shiraz 2014

This juicy medium to full bodied wine offers fresh red fruit with a hint of cracked black pepper and Christmas cake on the palate. Soft and approachable, it drinks well in its youth but shows good ageing potential. | LA-CAPRA-SHIRAZ-2014.pdf
La Capra Shiraz 2014 btl

La Capra Viognier 2014

Intense aromas of orange blossom and peach with a hint of spice on the nose. The rich yet rounded mouthfeel is accompanied by fresh fruit flavours and a lingering ginger finish. | LC_Viognier_2014_Note.pdf

La Capra Chardonnay 2015

A citrusy and light drink with a hint of spice. Apples abound on the palate, and are softened by a creamy oak texture. This wine is well-integrated and balanced, with a full mouthfeel. | LA-CAPRA-CHARDONNAY-2015.pdf
La Capra Chardonnay 2015

La Capra Chenin Blanc 2015

Fresh fruit on the nose, with a well-balanced, clean palate offering refreshing acidity whilst showing a good mouthfeel and texture. | La-Capra-Chenin-Blanc-2015.pdf
La Capra Chenin Blanc 15

La Capra Pinot Grigio 2015

A light green wine with tropical fruit, musk and floral notes on the nose, a delicate palate with lingering zesty acidity, and a refreshing finish. | LA-CAPRA-PINOT-GRIGIO-2015.pdf
La Capra Pinot Grigio 2015

La Capra Sangiovese 2014

Maraschino cherries and cloves on the nose, with rich red fruit and subtle spice aromas on the palate. Well-rounded mouthfeel balanced by refreshing acidity and soft tannins. | La-Capra-Sangiovese-2014.pdf
La Capra Sangiovese 2014 btl