Goat's Milk

Chevin Traditional

South African National Dairy Championships winner. A soft goat’s milk cheese with a characteristic flavour, Chevin was one of the first cheeses to be made at Fairview. Our most popular goat’s milk product, it is still made using the same traditional recipe, with the curd pressed in muslin bags to remove just the right amount of whey.

Chevin Black Pepper & Paprika

South African National Dairy Championships First Prize Winner. A soft goat's milk cheese rolled in crushed black pepper and paprika.

Chevin Garlic & Herbs

A soft goat's milk cheese rolled in garlic and herbs.

Roydon Camembert

Our flagship cheese, Roydon Camembert, a World Cheese Awards Gold winner, is crafted using a secret, traditional recipe and is named in honour of one of Fairview’s earlier cheesemakers. It is produced in the traditional French method, with a dash of our goats’ milk to give farmhouse flavour and characteristics. Roydon Camembert ripens from the outside towards the center and should be enjoyed in the ten days preceeding its best before date for optimum flavour.


One of the first cheeses produced at Fairview, Crottin is a full-flavoured, firm white mould cheese made to a traditional recipe. Made from 100% goat's milk, the flavour of this cheese intensifies with age.