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Fairview Vinotéque : KWV Roodeberg 1973

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This ’73 KWV Roodeberg was one of the wines of that time that was made using a Fairview component. The blend is made up of Shiraz, Cinsault and Tinta Barocca. According to Charl Theron, KWV’s chief winemaker of the time, Fairview’s ’73 shiraz made up part of the shiraz blending component.


After a recent tasting we found that the wine held up beautifully and has an incredible colour for a wine of this age possessing a good, grippy tannin, great length and solid acidity.


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Deep red in colour, dry but full bodied and robust in flavour with a rich aroma. A perfect companion to hearty red meats, game, duck, goose, spaghetti or cheese. Serve at room temperature or a few degrees below. If possible open an hour or more before serving to allow the wine to “breathe”. Any glass will do but a generously-sized tulip shaped glass sets off the wine to best advantage.

Additional Information
Wine Range





Cinsault, Shiraz, Tinta Barocca

Wine of Origin

Western Cape


Deep inky red colour


Rich aroma



Food Pairing Ideas

A perfect companion to hearty red meats, game, duck, goose, spaghetti or cheese

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