Bloemcool Voet 2020


The Grenache Noir is from our Stok by Paaltjie vineyard on the Fairview Farm. The grapes were hand harvested early in the morning. Whole bunches were placed at the bottom of barrels with cut out panels. The rest of the barrels were filled with crushed grapes with a peristaltic pump. The wine was left to ferment naturally with only the wild yeast present on the skins to start alcholic fermentation. During fermentation the skins were pressed down into the fermentation juice a coupole of times a day with bare hands and feet. After alcoholic fermentation, the barrels were topped and sealed for 7 months. The cold winter temperatures and gravity allows for the wine to clarify itself with most of the skins, stems and pips collecting at the bottom of the barrel. in spring, the wine was basket pressed gently followed by a series of settlings and rackings before the wine was bottled. The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered as visible by the slight haziness in the glass.


Total Production: 794 bottles

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“Voet” means foot in Afrikaans. This wine was made alongside its white counterpart, Kaal (meaning naked) and was crafted in the most natural of ways – taking inspiration from Georgia where the very first wine was made. Many years ago bare feet / kaalvoete were used to crush the skins of the berries open, allowing the juice to flow out that would later become the final wine. This is a natural wine, a naked wine and a wine to celebrate and pay homage to the simple beginnings of wine.

Additional Information

Natural Cork

Wine of Origin




Alcohol Percentage


Total Acid

4.5 g/l



Residual Sugar

2.3 g/l


Grenache Noir

Bottling Date



Rose petal, red apple skins, red raspberry and cherries.


A light and cloudy claret colour in the glass.


Ripe wild berries and hints of lavender, with a mannered amount of earthy funk on the finish.

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