Bloemcool Kaal 2021


The Grenache blanc fruit is grown on the steep southern slopes of Paarl mountain on decomposed granite soils. The grapes were hand harvested and transferred straight to barrel by peristaltic pump. It was further worked gently with bare feet (and hands) to allow some juice to flow out and fermentation to kick start, naturally, with the wild yeast present on the skins. The skins were gently pushed down into the wine during
fermentation. After fermentation the barrels were topped and sealed. The wine was left in the barrel without any additions or distubances for 6 months. Over this time the wine starts to clarify itself with gravity and low temperatures in winter allow for a clear wine on top and the proteins, skins and pips (also know as pumace) collects at the bottom of the barrel. The wine is racked and gently pressed in spring and allowed to settle before bottling. No sulphur has been added to the wine – the tannins from the seeds, skins and stems protects the wine. The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered


Total Production: 200 bottles

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Kaal means naked in Afrikaans. This wine was made alongside its red counterpart, “Voet” (meaning foot), and was crafted in the most natural of ways – taking inspiration from Georgia where the very first wine was made. Many years ago bare feet / kaalvoete were used to crush the skins of the berries open, allowing the juice to flow out that would later become the final wine. This is a natural wine, a naked wine and a wine to celebrate and pay homage to the simple beginnings of wine.

Additional Information


Alcohol Percentage


Residual Sugar

2.2 g/l

Total Acid

6.2 g/l



Variety Percentage

100% Grenache blanc




Gold with a touch of orange


The wine is complex with layers orange rind, spring blossoms and dried mango on the nose.


The pithy tannin lends a typical minerality (think sea salt) with nectarines and citrus fruit and lots of texture on the finish.


Natural Cork

Wine of Origin


Wine Range


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